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E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

B2B & B2C E-Commerce, Branding & Marketing.

EST. 2014 | אייקומר - פתרונות סחר ושיווק אלקטרוני

Robots that make fun things for great people!

Personalizing Each & Every Project!

Personalizing Each & Every Project!

Each Website Hold A Store Behind It.

A store of a business, of a brand, of an individual or even of a way of life. Thus, we focus on insuring each site is tailor made to be a mirror image of that store.

B2B & B2C Personalized Websites
Work Smart, Not Hard.

Work Smart, Not Hard.

Our Approach is to utilize EASY MANAGMENT SALES SYSTEMS to allow business to sell more and keep track of the important stuff in a much more efficient way.

B2C & B2B E-commerce Stores


  • Websites & Mobile Apps

    B2B & B2C based E-Commerce Stores, Content Websites, Landing Pages, Mobile Apps (IOS/ANDRIOID) & Integrated Forms. - Professional Web Designing, Code Writing & Management.

  • Digital Marketing & Physical Ads

    Brand Awareness, Exposure & Sales. - Ex Services: Billboards, Google Ads, Social Media / PR Global Ads & Campaigns. - Custom Trusted Lead Generation Methods.

  • Advanced Marketing Automation Systems & Easy To Use CRMs

    All Your Marketing Needs In One Platform (sms & e-mail campaigns, interactable forms, pop-ups and automated chat). - Finally Bringing Your Sales & Marketing Teams Together!

  • Inventory & Tracking Solutions

    BARCODES, QR CODES, Inventory Management Systems, Trackers & Other Data Gathering Solutions. - Making Each Link, Menu, Picture or Pitch As Available As Possible.

  • Advanced POS Systems

    POS Systems & Digital Transaction Solutions. Shopify POS Experts, Comax and Priority. - Turning Every Interaction, Into A Profit 24/7.

  • In-Store Social Media & Marketing Solutions

    The MYCOUNTER by: icommR. Real-Time Social Media Counters & Graphic Design Services.


Q&A #1 - How much time till the website is ready?

When will my website be ready to sell? Within up to 21 working days.

We have perfected methods of new client onboarding for thousands of physical businesses and stores all other Israel and the World. Time is money. Were here to save you time & help you succussed on this new money making quest.

Q&A #2 - Do you also do branding & product designs?

Yes! We specialize in providing services and solutions for the entire sale & marketing process. It's hard enough to look around for pro's to assist with every task - So, we basically made sure all is in-house.

That also includes other aspects and services, such as; Printing, POS Systems, CRM's, ERP's, SEO, PPC and much more.

Q&A #3 - How do we begin?

We Like Coffee! So, your welcome to visit us any time or give us a call, we could get on a quick zoom together and kick start the entire :).

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Contact us, click here.

WiFi REAL-TIME Instagram Counter

WiFi REAL-TIME Instagram Counter

📶 The Instagram Counter displays the Follower count of your business' account. It's Wi-Fi or Ethernet connected.

👍 The interaction created makes liking your business irresistible, turning your Instagram page into a remarkable ice breaker with your customers.

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WiFi REAL-TIME Facebook Counter

WiFi REAL-TIME Facebook Counter

📶 The Facebook Counter displays the Fan count of your business' page. It's Wi-Fi or Ethernet connected.
👍 The interaction created makes liking your business irresistible, turning your Facebook page into a remarkable ice breaker with your customers.

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WiFi REAL-TIME Custom Counter

WiFi REAL-TIME Custom Counter

The Custom Counter can display any figure in real time!

Whether you're a sales manager or a KPI obsessed marketer, it will allow you to display your data in your office or shop.

The Counter uses retro-looking split-flaps displays that are delightful to interact with. It will give a powerful physical presence to the figures that matter most to your business.

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Make It Flip!

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